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Crowns- An Effective Solution to Damaged Teeth

Crowns are a new, reasonable alternative to dentures and dental implants. They fit over your natural teeth like a cast and provide the comfort of feeling like you’ve got all your original teeth back. With such progress in technology, it’s no wonder that we’re turning to crowns more and more! This article will cover what a crown is, the benefits of wearing them, etc. You can get crowns and veneers in Katy from the specialists to get the perfect smile and boost your confidence. What is a Crown? A crown is a iron cap that fits over your natural tooth to protect it from damage by chewing and grinding. In older dentures, the crown was the only thing covering the tooth surface – they were made of plastic but were lined with metal to give them an impression of being real teeth. With a whole set of natural teeth in place, a crown may be used as an “extra” covering for a damaged or missing tooth – or added to make room for more prominent teeth. Benefits of Wearing Your Crowns Crowns a

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